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A full-size luxury crossover vehicle is also referred to as the car hearse. Like its exterior, our Lincoln MKT's interior features a clean, uncluttered, and premium look. With a seating capacity is two; Funeral Director and a family member. The rear of the vehicle is adapted to fit a full-size casket.

  • Luxurious 2-seater vehicle
  • MKT's cabin configuration with panel lights
  • Stretched wheelbase and higher roof
  • Vertically opening rear hatch for easier casket access.
  • Available vinyl roof, full padded, Tuxedo, and Corsica.
  • Uncluttered interior and premium look.
  • Church trolley compartment
  • Deluxe swag on the rear side and loading doors.
  • Side door nameplate holders.

Category: Hearse
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