Cadilac Renaissance

Ensure your loved one goes home in style with the Cadillac Renaissance. Its sleek, stylish, and distinctive look provides a comforting last ride for your loved one

  • Casket Compartment Glass
  • Eagle Coach Lamps on side doors
  • Emergency Unlock Feature Integrated into Load Door
  • Intellibeam - Auto High Beam
  • Eagle Coach Chrome Landau Bar
  • Open/Closed Church Truck Compartment
  • Load Door Curtain
  • 10 Rubber Rollers in Floor
  • Casket Bumpers on Each Side of Floor
  • Sliding Glass Partition
  • Locking Mechanism to Prevent Door Closing with Extend-A-Sill Open
  • Integrated In-Floor Urn Valet

Category: Hearse
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